From the Cover


Debunking the ‘Network Effects’ Bogeyman

Policymakers need to march to the evidence, not to slogans.

Family Law

Suffer the Little Children

U.S. law treats Native American children very differently than other children.

Health & Medicine

Risky Business: Should the FDA Pay Attention to Drug Prices?

Prices provide information that the agency needs to consider.

The Concentration and Persistence of Health Care Spending

Much of the conventional wisdom behind current policy has ambiguous empirical support.


In Memoriam

Harry Grubert, 1937–2017

How to win friends and influence people while working in government.


A Seattle Game‐​Changer?

The latest empirical research further underscores the harm of minimum wage laws.

Regulatory Reform

The Latest on Occupational Licensing Reform

At the federal level and in the state of Michigan, there have been encouraging moves toward market liberalization.

Briefly Noted

FInal Word