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Public Schooling Battle Map

Americans are diverse—ethnically, religiously, ideologically—but all must pay for public schools. The intention is good: to bring people together and foster social harmony. But rather than build bridges, public schooling often forces people into wrenching conflict. This map aggregates a relatively small, but especially painful, subset of such battles: those pitting educational effectiveness, basic rights, moral values, or individual identities against each other.

COVID-19 Private School Closures

The COVID-19 crisis has wrought havoc on all schools, but private schools could be in especially grave danger. Many have long been on a precarious financial footing, forced to keep tuition as low as possible to remain viable against “free” public schools. That razor‐​thin financial model could be difficult to sustain during the pandemic. Cato has been tracking private school permanent closures at least partially connected to COVID-19 since the beginning of local and state lockdowns.

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