David A. Hyman is an adjunct scholar at the Cato Institute and a Professor of Law at Georgetown University. A doctor as well as a lawyer, Hyman served most recently as the Ross and Helen Workman Chair in Law and Professor of Medicine at the University of Illinois, where he directed the Epstein Program in Health Law and Policy. He focuses his research on the regulation and financing of health care and has taught insurance, medical malpractice, law and economics, professional responsibility and tax policy in addition to civil procedure. Hyman served as special counsel on the Federal Trade Commission, where he organized and led hearings on health care and competition - leading to the first joint report issued by the Federal Trade Commission and Department of Justice, “Improving Health Care: A Dose of Competition.” Earlier in his career, he was an associate at Mayer, Brown & Platt in Chicago, practicing tax litigation and health care law. He has been a visiting law professor at the University of Texas and George Washington University, a law professor at the University of Maryland and a lecturer at the University of Chicago. Hyman earned his BA, JD and MD degrees from the University of Chicago.

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