Recent Op-Eds

Ben Carson Takes on High Housing Costs

By Michael D. Tanner. National Review (Online). October 17, 2018.

By setting his sights on local zoning and land-use laws, the HUD secretary might just help millions of poor Americans — and silence his critics in the process.

Criminally Confidential

By Jonathan Blanks. Democracy Journal. October 16, 2018.

In reforming our criminal justice system, we must pay greater attention to one oft-neglected issue: the distorted use of criminal informants.

Nuclear Weapons Don’t Matter

By John Mueller. Foreign Affairs. October 15, 2018.

For nearly three-quarters of century, the world has been told it is perched precariously on Rube Goldberg’s precipice, perennially at risk of plunging into apocalyptic devastation. But oddly enough, both we and the weapons are still here.