Recent Op-Eds

An Old-Fashioned Recipe for Economic Growth

By Chelsea Follett and Marian L. Tupy. American Spectator (Online). August 16, 2019.

Elected officials can help the U.S. economy to continue to grow by allowing the American people to innovate and exchange. To do so, burdensome regulations and taxes should be eliminated and lowered, and trade wars should be ended.

Do Oren Cass’s Justifications for Industrial Policy Stack Up?

By Ryan Bourne. August 15, 2019.

Oren Cass asserts that markets cannot generally allocate resources efficiently by industry. Yet he provides no meaningful metrics to show this is the case, nor shows why his policies would deliver better outcomes.

It’s Time for Colombia to Dump the Peso

By Steve H. Hanke. August 11, 2019.

Colombia’s peso is in trouble, again. Against the U.S. dollar, the peso has shed 20% of its value in a little more than a year and 7% in...