Recent Op-Eds

China Flexes Its Military Muscles in the Western Pacific

By Ted Galen Carpenter. Aspenia Online. July 15, 2019.

China’s military capabilities in the Western Pacific are growing rapidly, and Beijing’s policy ambitions appear to be expanding at a pace to match or exceed those capabilities.

Turkey: Three Years After the Coup

By Mustafa Akyol. Center for Global Policy. July 14, 2019.

July 15 was a major trauma for the people of Turkey—a point which, I believe, has not yet been quite understood outside of Turkey, especially in the West.

President Trump’s War Power Delusions

By Doug Bandow. National Interest (Online). July 14, 2019.

Donald Trump claims that he has right to unilaterally and irresponsibly go to war at his discretion. His aides appear to be creatively justifying that stance.

How Liberals Learned to Love Federalism

By Ilya Somin. Washington Post. July 12, 2019.

Americans of every political stripe have much to gain from stronger enforcement of constitutional limits on federal authority.