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Selling F‑16s to Taiwan Is Bad Business

Instead of providing for Taiwan’s defense from China, what the F-16 deal will do is give Taiwan the confidence to act in ways that aggravate China and encourage China to act more aggressively in turn.

Defense One

Constitution Day 2019: the Hidden Domestic Surveillance Crisis

For the Constitution to have meaning and force, the public —including the Congress, the courts, and the press —must be able to establish what the executive branch is doing in our name and with our tax dollars, particularly when it comes to the use —or misuse —of federal surveillance powers.

Just Security

No Enemies to the Right?

It would be helpful if those on the left would stop suggesting that everyone on the right is a racist. But it would also be good if those on the right would admit that there are racists and banish them for the good of their cause.

The Bulwark

Why Is China Afraid of a Few Free Market Academics?

Perhaps the most important objective of the West, individuals, nongovernmental organizations, companies, and governments, should be to promote a continuing flow of information so the Chinese people can better decide on their future.

National Interest (Online)