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UPCOMING EVENT • April 20, 2021

After COVID-19: Building an Inclusive Economy for California

COVID-19 and its fallout have been devastating for California’s economy at every level. But low‐​income and traditionally marginalized communities have been among the hardest hit. This conference brings together a diverse group of political, business, and academic leaders to discuss regulatory and other barriers to rebuilding economic opportunity in poor and minority communities ravaged by COVID-19.

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An Inclusive Post‐​Covid Recovery

As the nation reopens in the wake of COVID-19, we have the opportunity to ensure that economic recovery is fully shared by everyone. Indeed, inclusive economic growth is essential if we are to recover. Equally important, we have an opportunity not simply to re‐​create the pre‐​COVID‐​19 economy but to ensure a more fair and equitable one.

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Michael D. Tanner

Senior Fellow