From the Cover

Health Care

Voice and Exit in Health Care Policy

What can we learn from the recent controversy over mandated birth control coverage?



Reforming SSDI

The program’s looming insolvency provides an opportunity to encourage beneficiaries to rejoin the workforce.

Restoring Social Security Disability’s Purpose

Does the decisionmaking process serve the purposes of the program?


Returning to the True Spirit of the First Amendment

The Supreme Court can provide consistent and principled protection to the right to speak.

Regulatory Reform

Toward a New and Improved Regulatory Apparatus

Could a new review agency improve federal regulation?

Energy & Environment

An EPA War on Coal?

New federal efforts to cut emissions are the result of longstanding legal and judicial mandates, not a sudden Obama administration push.

The High Cost of Low‐​Value Wind Power

Subsidized wind generates the least amount of power when it is most needed.


How Insurance Substitutes for Regulation

Through private contracting, insurers monitor safety in ways that government can’t.

Final Word