From the Cover

Insurance & Liability

Insurance as Gun Control?

A liability insurance mandate for firearm owners may pass constitutional muster, but its effect on violent crime would be modest.
Public Finance

Could Dan Snyder End Publicly Financed Stadiums?

The D.C. market is especially ripe for PSLs, making public stadium funding unnecessary.

A New Approach to SSDI Reform

More people with disabilities would return to work if they faced better incentives.


Product Safety

Kosher Certification as a Model of Private Regulation

Third‐​party certification has benefits over both government regulation and unregulated markets.
Corporate Governance

Reconceptualizing Corporate Boards

Should board members have to be “natural persons”?
Energy & Environment

Climate Data vs. Climate Models

Why do climate change assessments overlook the differences between the climate models they use and the empirical data?

For the Record