From the Cover

Corporate Governance

Mandatory Long‐​Term Compensation in the Banking System — and Beyond?

"Reforms" of executive pay may not yield results much different from current practices.

Regulatory Reform

Obama, Ryan, and the Future of Regulatory Reform

An "upstream" approach to reform would reassert congressional authority, saving jobs and lowering compliance costs.


What Should We Do about Social Security Disability Appeals?

Administrative law judges, overruling SSA rejections of disability claims, contribute heavily to federal spending.



The Standard Environmental Narrative

The Barnegat Bay saga exemplifies the politicization of environmental science.


Dynamic Pricing and Its Discontents

Empirical data show dynamic pricing of electricity would benefit consumers, including the poor.


Balancing the ‘Zoning Budget’

Local governments need to consider the long-term effects of their land-use decisions.

Final Word