May 4, 2010 6:51PM

Walter Olson Joins Cato

I’m pleased to report that Walter Olson, known to many Cato@Liberty readers for his Overlawyered website, has joined the Cato Institute. Wally led the Manhattan Institute’s litigation reform program for more than a quarter of a century. He’ll be a senior fellow in our Center for Constitutional Studies, with a wide-ranging portfolio.

A Yale graduate, Wally began his career at Regulation magazine, back when it was published by the American Enterprise Institute. He has authored three books, 1991's The Litigation Explosion, 1997's The Excuse Factory, and 2003's The Rule of Lawyers, and countless articles. And another book will be out in the fall on bad ideas coming from the legal academy, Schools for Misrule. At, Jim Copland, director of Manhattan’s Center for Legal Policy, gives us a rich account of Wally’s contributions. We’re delighted to have Wally on board.