August 14, 2009 9:23AM

TechLiberationFront Turns Five

The TechLiberationFront blog turns five today. Happy Birthday, TLF!

Over the last five years, the TLF gang has produced over 4,000 intriguing and enlightening posts on technology policy, applying their free‐​market, pro‐​innovation perspective to network management, intellectual property, government transparency, privacy, and much more. Cato alum Adam Thierer has a birthday post up that’s a worthy review. Check out the site if you aren’t already a reader.

Notably, today you’ll see a new post by Jerry Brito about the roll‐​out of a tool called RECAP, which seeks to make the government’s PACER legal document system more open. RECAP seeks to improve upon PACER’s “lousy access to data that would be useful not just to lawyers and litigants, but to bloggers, librarians, reporters, and scholars.” RECAP happens to be a project of Cato adjunct scholar Tim Lee.