August 26, 2011 2:51PM

Nat Hentoff on Perry, Obama

There has been increasing attention this week on Texas governor and Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry, as well as his book Fed Up! and his record in Texas. With respect to criminal justice, most of the talk concerns the number of executions on Perry’s watch. 

In a recent column, Cato senior fellow Nat Hentoff notes that Perry has brought enlightening reforms to the juvenile justice system in that state — the gist being more focus on concentrated rehabilitation instead of prison isolation — and that this aspect of Perry’s record ought to be part of the conversation.

And where is Nat Hentoff on Mr. Obama and his record? 

I don’t ask President Barack Obama for any change I can believe in, except to clear out his office and make room in the White House for a real president.

That may be too harsh. Obama has made some mistakes, to be sure, but at least he ended the wars and has the government on a sound financial footing.

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