Harm Reduction: Shifting from a War on Drugs to a War on Drug-Related Deaths

The U.S. government’s current strategy of trying to restrict the supply of opioids for nonmedical uses is not working. While government efforts to reduce the supply of opioids for nonmedical use have reduced the volume of both legally manufactured prescription opioids and opioid prescriptions, deaths from opioid overdoses are nevertheless accelerating. In a new study, Cato scholar (and medical doctor) Jeffrey A. Singer contends that policymakers can reduce overdose deaths and other harms stemming from nonmedical use of opioids and other dangerous drugs by switching to a policy of “harm reduction” strategies.

Unlawful Shield: A Cato Institute Website Dedicated to Abolishing Qualified Immunity

Qualified immunity is a legal doctrine invented out of whole cloth by the U.S. Supreme Court that protects government agents, including particularly law enforcement officers, who violate someone’s constitutional rights from federal civil liability. The Cato Institute is pleased to announce a new website dedicated to explaining how and why the qualified immunity doctrine needs to be eliminated.

Checkpoint America: Monitoring The Constitution-Free Zone

For over 60 years, the executive branch has, through regulatory fiat, imposed a “border zone” that extends as much as 100 miles into the United States. Within this area are a series of Soviet-style internal checkpoints run by the Department of Homeland Security’s Customs and Border Protecton (CBP) service. Checkpoint America: Monitoring The Constitution-Free Zone is a new Cato project designed to map these internal checkpoints and provide the public with information on their operations, as well as the chance to help improve our information on and understanding of activities at these checkpoints.

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Cornerstone of Liberty: Property Rights in 21st Century America

Cornerstone of Liberty: Property Rights in 21st Century America

Ten years after the Supreme Court’s infamous eminent domain decision, Kelo v. New London, Timothy and Christina Sanderfur’s Cornerstone of Liberty examines how dozens of new developments in courtrooms and legislatures across the country have shifted the landscape of private property rights since 2005. Through a combination of real-life stories and solid legal analysis, the authors explain how key issues like eminent domain, civil asset forfeiture, and environmental protection regulations have evolved and how they should be reformed.

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This new Cato project is focused on abolishing qualified immunity for police officers, which shields them from accountability.

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Cato Pocket Constitution

To encourage people everywhere to better understand and appreciate the principles of government that are set forth in America’s founding documents, the Cato Institute published this pocket-size edition.

Cato University: College of Law

If we wish to live in a free society, the rule of law must be paramount - equally applicable to those who govern and those who are governed. But-how much law? How is it crafted and enforced? And, what challenges does the American constitutional system of law face at a time of growing political and ideological hostility? Cato University’s College of Law, being held in New Orleans, March 15-17, 2018 will energetically address these topics. Full details and registration now available.