Summer 2002

Vol. 25 No. 2


From the Cover




  • Moving Ahead

    The past three decades have seen remarkable deregulation of the airline, air freight, trucking, and rail industries. By Thomas Gale Moore PDF

Banking & Finanace

  • Banking Approaches the Modern Era

    Though some oppressive Depression-era regulation has been removed, there is still need for reform of the U.S. banking industry. By Charles Calomiris PDF


Securities & Investment

  • A Growing Market

    Rapid financial innovation over the past quarter-century is testing the traditional regulatory framework. By Craig Pirrong PDF

Public Land

  • Western Myths and Realities

    As federal land management continues to flounder, more political leaders are calling for a transfer of public land control to the states. By Robert H. Nelson PDF


  • Lessons Learned and Forgotten

    Following two decades of applying market forces to energy, the United States is returning to ominous government intervention. By Richard L. Gordon (1934-2014) PDF

Health & Medicine



For the Record

Final Word