Moving Ahead

The past three decades have seen remarkable deregulation of the airline, air freight, trucking, and rail industries.

Banking & Finanace

Banking Approaches the Modern Era

Though some oppressive Depression-era regulation has been removed, there is still need for reform of the U.S. banking industry.


A Somewhat Better Connection

The past quarter-century was one of halting progress.

Securities & Investment

A Growing Market

Rapid financial innovation over the past quarter-century is testing the traditional regulatory framework.

Public Land

Western Myths and Realities

As federal land management continues to flounder, more political leaders are calling for a transfer of public land control to the states.


Lessons Learned and Forgotten

Following two decades of applying market forces to energy, the United States is returning to ominous government intervention.

Health & Medicine

The Competitive Revolution

Recent efforts to rationalize health care are now facing a political backlash.


Repairing Insurance Markets

Despite some setbacks, insurance markets have become more competitive.


The Fall and Rise of Public Housing

With some innovative changes, public housing is making a comeback.