From the Cover

Telecommunications & Technology

The FCC Noses under the Broadband Tent Again

Rent‐​seeking and public choice put a deregulation success story at risk.

Health & Medicine

Want Cheaper Drugs?

More competition, not more government coercion, would greatly benefit consumers.

Intellectual Property

The $83 Billion Patent Litigation Fallacy

An erroneous study misguides government policy.

Energy & Environment

The Social Cost of Carbon

How is it derived and how is it used to justify America’s climate policy?



The USDA’s Meaningless Organic Label

The courts could end this deceptive marketing program.

Regulatory Reform

To Presume Much

Federal agencies have a poor track record when estimating proposed regulations’ costs and benefits.

Retrospective Review in Four States

Initial efforts are encouraging, but institutionalization is limited.

Final Word