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Health & Medicine

‘Taking’ Medical Care from Hospitals

The Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act infringes the Fifth Amendment.

FDA Misses the Mark with Food Labeling Rules

There is little evidence that the new labels will improve Americans’ health.

Securities & Exchange

Putting the Securities Laws to the Test

The long‐​standing approach to federal securities regulation is not working.


Reining in Antitrust Immunity

In a new case from North Carolina, the Supreme Court may limit Parker immunity.


Product Safety

Regulating a Less Unhealthy Cigarette

The FDA’s treatment of e‑cigarettes jeopardizes public health.

Health & Medicine

How to Make Medicine Safe and Cheap

The Republic of Georgia chose to outsource regulation.

No Discharge: Medicaid and EMTALA

The federal law that requires hospitals to treat indigent cases harms health care access and a ordability.

Final Word