From the Cover


Guys in Lab Coats: Letting Environmentalists’ Preferences Count

Why do free-market thinkers turn to scientific risk analysis instead of markets to set environmental policy?



The Case Against Plea Bargaining

Government should not retaliate against individuals who exercise their right to trial by jury.

In Defense of Plea Bargaining

The practice is flawed, but not unconstitutional.


‘Green’ Firms Bearing Gifts

Will “voluntary” initiatives by business and regulators improve the environment?


Between‐ vs. Within‐​Patent Competition

Name-brand drug competition may have more effect on innovative returns and prices than generics competition.


Beyond GAAP

Much of today’s business world evolves around values that do not appear on balance sheets.

Corporate Reporting Enters the Information Age

XBRL will produce more effective reporting through market-based standards.

New Technology Can Help Avoid a Second Enron

The SEC needs reporting processes for the Information Age.


Regulatory Review

A Mid‐​Term Grade for the Bush Administration

The administration has shown a strong commitment to developing more cost-effective regulations, but its commitment to federalism appears mixed.


Regulatory Review

Tracking the Value of Regulation

Can government reporting help bring rationality to regulation?


Regulatory Review

More Lonely Numbers

Regulations should be decided by a political process, not more benefit-cost analyses.

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