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Debating the Trump Doctrine

Donald Trump’s inconsistency on foreign policy as a candidate has left experts confounded about what to expect over the next four years. Nevertheless, as he takes office, Trump will inherit a number of serious foreign policy challenges from his predecessor. How the Trump administration handles five key decisions, in particular, will shape the course of foreign policy over the next four years.

Will President Trump

  • decide to intervene more aggressively in Syria?
  • choose confrontation or cooperation with Russia regarding Syria, NATO, Ukraine, and nuclear weapons?
  • take sides in the brewing Middle East cold war between Saudi Arabia and Iran?
  • expand the U.S. military presence in the Middle East and North Africa to combat terrorism?
  • double down on the pivot to Asia or find a new way to deal with China’s rise?

With Barack Obama gone and Donald Trump in the White House, should we expect a more activist and hawkish U.S. foreign policy in 2017? Or is the new president more likely to follow his “America First” campaign rhetoric and focus more on domestic concerns? Join us as we discuss these and other questions.

Kathleen Hicks
Peter Rough
A. Trevor Thrall

Trevor Thrall is a senior fellow for Cato Institute’s Defense and Foreign Policy Department.

Karen DeYoung