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Emma Ashford is a research fellow in Defense and Foreign Policy, with expertise in international security and the politics of energy. She is currently writing a book on the politics and foreign policies of petrostates, including Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Venezuela.

Her recent research includes work on the efficacy of U.S. sanctions on Russia, the future of U.S. Middle East policy, U.S.-Saudi relations, and the increasing role of Asian states in the politics and economics of the Persian Gulf.

Emma has published long-form articles in publications such as Foreign Affairs, the Texas National Security Review, and Strategic Studies Quarterly. Her opinion pieces have been featured in the New York TimesLos Angeles TimesForeign PolicyVoxThe National Interest, and War on the Rocks, among others.

Ashford is the co-host of the Power Problems podcast, a biweekly podcast which explores key questions in international security with guests from across the political spectrum.

She holds a PhD in foreign affairs from the University of Virginia, and an MA from American University’s School of International Service.

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