A Cato Conference co‐​sponsored with
The Institute of Economic Analysis and
The Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs

Moscow – April 8–9, 2004
St. Petersburg – April 12, 2004

More than 10 years after the collapse of central planning, countries around the world continue to neglect key policies that could unlock their economic potential.

Some of the world´s leading market liberals will gather at this important conference to bring perspective on reform accomplishments and to highlight outstanding issues that are fundamental to achieving freedom and prosperity.

  • How much of an obstacle to growth and a free society is the continuing large size of government in many reforming countries?
  • What are the most important elements of economic freedom?
  • What is the probable evolution of the rule of law in developing and transition countries?
  • What is the relationship between property rights and authoritarian government?
  • How should poor nations deal with natural resource wealth and so‐​called natural monopolies?
  • Are rich nations or international organizations imposing new threats to economic development or globalization?