May 21, 2015 3:00PM

Three Year Mark for Cato’s Police Misconduct Reporting Project

Cross‐​posted from PoliceMis​con​duct​.net:

So today marks our three year anniversary here at PoliceMis​con​duct​.net! One of our prime objectives has been to draw more attention to the problem of police misconduct across the country. Long time readers must be amazed (as are we!) at the attention this subject has been receiving the past few months. The President himself has acknowledged the “slow‐​rolling” crisis has been on‐​going for many years and also that some “soul searching” is in order. Yes, it’s long overdue. Better late than never.

The victims of police misconduct are too often without a voice and the extent of the problem was (is) unknown because few seemed interested enough to study it. We at Cato thought it important to lend some institutional support to this critical area. And, increasingly, the media (and others) have found this site to be a valuable resource. Over the past year, we’ve been cited by the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, the Economist, ABC News, the Atlantic, and Frontline. If the first step toward addressing a problem is recognizing that a problem exists, then we’re there.

Of course, there’s much more to do. Just wanted to mark this occasion and provide our friends with an update on our work. One easy way you can help us is by spreading the word by taking a moment to blast a note to all your contacts via twitter and Facebook. Thanks for your consideration and support!