January 13, 2009 10:17AM

Questions for Mrs. Clinton

Hillary Clinton is expected to have a smooth confirmation hearing today. Bizarre. If we had more citizen‐​legislators instead of professional politicians, some of the following questions would be asked at today’s hearing:

Did you request, or see, any of the hundreds of FBI files that were improperly acquired by the Clinton White House? Who hired Craig Livingstone anyway?

Why did you fire Billy Dale?

What is your view of the war power? Can (Should) the President attack another country without a declaration of war from the Congress?

What is your view of the Tenth Amendment? Is there any subject beyond the purview of a federal law or spending program?

Exactly what did you and your Husband take from the White House when you left?

Did you or your husband make any arrangements to get money to Susan McDougal since Bill left the White House? Do you know why she was pardoned?

Do you plan to hire Sandy Berger?

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