December 22, 2008 11:17AM

Pols Target Jury Trials for Budget Savings

Pols in New Hampshire are under pressure to cut state spending so they are now proposing to, of all things, stop jury trials. Where to begin? They would have us believe that there is no fat left in the budget? Not credible. Are the pols looking for the path of least resistance? No special interest group in the capital looking out for jurors–so go there? Whatever happened to the Constitution? When an institution is put into the Constitution itself, it is no longer a  discretionary spending matter. The pols are not free to do a cost‐​benefit analysis of the Bill of Rights and then reinterpret those provisions so that they comport with the accountant’s findings. Pols that don’t get this need to be shown the door–before they start talking about postponing elections, which are also expensive.