April 26, 2012 1:24PM

Obama Is But a Small Cog in Drug War Machine

President Obama recently gave an interview to Rolling Stone and tried to defend his drug war policies–especially his escalation of the federal war against medical marijuana providers in California. Obama now says anyone who thought he was hoping he’d change course from the Bush‐​Ashcroft policies somehow got the wrong impression from his 2008 campaign. And, besides, he said you can’t blame the president for laws passed by the Congress. Obama would have us believe that he’s just a small cog in the drug war machine.

A few questions for the president:

1. Have you thought about your pardon power?

2. Have you thought about rescheduling marijuana?

3. Have you thought about prioritizing federal law enforcement resources?

4. Have you thought about urging the Congress to, you know, change the drug laws?

5. Have you thought about removing yourself from the presidential race? There’s still time.

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