March 11, 2007 3:41PM

More on the Second Amendment Ruling

The Washington Post has a story today on the plaintiffs in the landmark Second Amendment lawsuit. Among the plaintiffs interviewed is Cato’s Tom Palmer, who once had to use a firearm in self‐​defense.

Cato associate policy analyst, David Kopel, recently did a Second Amendment literature survey [pdf]. Take the list and go directly to Amazon! Buy some for your friends as well. Come to think of it, it’s the perfect graduation gift for third year law students‐​especially those who will be going to work as clerks on the Supreme Court next year!

For those interested in a shortcut through all the legal and historical material, I suggest you listen to this Cato briefing–featuring the key players who masterminded last week’s legal victory.

For more legal posts on last week’s ruling and the Second Amendment generally, visit Instapundit, How Appealing, and the Volokh Conspiracy. For related Cato work, go here.