April 29, 2014 5:04PM

The Legalization Juggernaut

Former Drug Czar Bill Bennett has co‐​authored an article in the Weekly Standard, “The Legalization Juggernaut.” Bennett is upset about voter approval for the marijuana legalization initiatives in Colorado and Washington and recent polls showing “for the first time that a clear majority of Americans (58 percent) support marijuana legalization.” Bennett can hardly believe that we have reached this “dangerous and absurd moment.” It is absurd because, to Bennett, the policy question boils down to this: “Do we need a dumber country?” If the debate can be framed that way, Bennett and his co‐​author, Christopher Beach, are convinced that “this headlong rush into disaster can be stopped.” If.

Some readers of Cato@Liberty might need reminding that when Bennett was a high‐​ranking government official, he once said executing drug dealers was morally justifiable. Given that stance, it must bewilder him to see marijuana stores opening in Denver, Seattle, and other cities. For the moment, all Bennett wants are a few political leaders to “speak out on marijuana.” Hmm. That’s another telling indication of the changing political climate with respect to drug policy.

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