October 22, 2010 11:23AM

This Just In: People Engaged in Politics!

The New York Times devotes major space today to a story disclosing campaign spending by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. They have uncovered some pretty shocking stuff. Apparently the Chamber of Commerce is raising money from businesses to fund campaign ads. The Times has the goods:

[A] review of the nearly 70 chamber-produced ads found that 93 percent of those that have run nationwide that focus on the midterm elections either support Republican candidates or criticize their opponents.

What is the world coming to? An organization can raise money and use it to support or criticize candidates for office? It's almost like we have freedom of political speech in the United States. Shocking stuff.

The New York Times may not like freedom of speech much for those who disagree with its editorial line, but I am happy we have freedom of the press as well as of speech. The freedom of the press means I can get additional information about the funding of the current election.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), a leading union of government employees, has raised and will spend the most money on the mid-term election. More shocking stuff!

AFSCME is spending money to support Democrats who in turn will be expected to tax and spend to add or to save ... jobs for public employees! I thought businesses were the only organizations that engaged in self-interested politics. Apparently not.

But AFSCME has the right to raise and spend the $90 million, and so did George Soros, and so does every misguided and hapless person and organization that for some reason disagrees with me about everything. Freedom of speech does not mean the "freedom" to agree with me or the New York Times.

In sum, the silly season is upon us as election day looms. Be prepared for more "news reporting" about the demons that are "undermining our democracy." And give thanks that we don't have to depend on just one source of news or speech in coming to judgment on those who hold political power.