October 13, 2009 1:50PM

Felony Franks

The Wall Street Journal has an article today about a small businessman in Chicago, James Andrews. Mr. Andrews started a hot‐​dog stand and hired ex‐​convicts as employees. The name “Felony Franks,” came to him and he thought it was catchy. Since it was his business, Mr. Andrews didn’t think twice about the name. Enter Chicago Alderman Robert Fioretti. The alderman doesn’t like the name and will not “permit” Mr. Andrews to set up signs to attract more customers. (Btw, How many people like the name Robert Fioretti anyway? Maybe it should be changed to … eh, never mind) Neighborhood “activists” are also setting up meetings to discuss the hot‐​dog business and the “exploitation” of the workers. Kevin Jones, 42, an employee at Felony Franks, tells the reporter he does not feel exploited, “Working here allows me to provide for myself and my family.”

What a farcical situation. First, the politicians manufacture scores of felons. Next, the pols have their own ideas on how to “help” the ex‐​cons return to civil society. Those ideas entail spending taxpayer money.