July 30, 2009 12:01PM

Cult Watch: Obama’s “Chat” About Cambridge Arrest

So President Obama is going to host Professor Gates and Officer Crowley today at the White House. Much has already been said about the controversial arrest for “disorderly conduct.” IMHO, it seems like a false arrest. I wasn’t there, but it is not a crime for someone to be obnoxious to the police (and that is basically the cop’s version of the incident). For additional background, I recommend the columns by Eugene Robinson, Harvey Silverglate, and Radley Balko.

But leave the arrest itself aside. Even more disturbing is Obama’s leap into this matter. It is yet another indication of the Cult of the Presidency where the President sees a role for himself in just about any aspect of life. The news media covers the event as if it is pretty much ordinary business. What’s next? Will Mr. Obama try to help the Gosselins out by having Jon and Kate over for tea? Obama could bring in the best counselors in the world while Michelle takes the kids on a helicopter ride to Camp David for the afternoon.