April 4, 2011 11:19AM

My Cato Talk on Schools for Misrule

The March 3 event, in which I was joined by Cato’s Roger Pilon and by distinguished federal judge Douglas Ginsburg of the D.C. Circuit, is now online. You can also watch it (possibly in a larger format) at the Cato multimedia site.

If that’s not enough (or if you’d like something suitable for car listening) my appearance on Milt Rosenberg’s Extension 720, one of the nation’s great radio interview programs, is available as an audio podcast here from Chicago’s WGN. (Talkers magazine has described Rosenberg as the “nation’s leading author interviewer. A Chicago institution for the literate.”) And my speaking travels continue this week with a private Manhattan Institute event Wednesday evening, a talk at lunchtime Thursday before the American University Federalist Society chapter in Washington with Prof. Steven Vladeck commenting, and Cato’s own Policy Perspectives 2011 event in New York City on Friday.

You can buy the book here. Star libertarian lawprof Randy Barnett (just profiled in the Boston Globe) gave the book one of my favorite blurbs:

While the public loves to bash lawyers, judges, and politicians, law professors have escaped all blame. Olson provides the inside story of how progressive political ideology became the reigning orthodoxy of elite legal education, providing the legal theories responsible for an overweening government committed to mandating, prohibiting, or regulating every aspect of American life in the “public interest.” I wish I could say he exaggerates but, sadly, the legal foundation of the road to serfdom was devised by law professors.