February 8, 2007 9:58AM

Atlanta Shooting Update

Several weeks ago an elderly lady was shot dead by police in another drug raid gone bad. All too often these events are just swept under the rug. In this case, the prosecutor is saying the right things:

“The death of Mrs. Johnston constitutes one of the greatest tragedies ever to occur in Fulton County,” Howard wrote. “I will not rest until every person responsible for her death is held accountable. …

“When homicides occur in Fulton County, whether committed by a civilian or a law enforcement official, it is the obligation of the District Attorney’s Office to take the appropriate legal actions.”

Looks like one officer will face charges and the investigation is still on‐​going. 

Experience shows that the publicity brings close scrutiny, and that helps to prod police departments and prosecutors into action. I doubt there would have been much publicity if the shooting victim had been a 22 year old black male with a “criminal record,” such as drug possession. Still, this case might set a favorable precedent for how such incidents ought to be handled.

Thanks to Instapundit for the link.