From the Cover

Telecommunications & Technology

The FCC’s Transaction Reviews, First Amendment Risks, and the Rule of Law

The commission uses transaction and licensing reviews to infringe on speech.

Intellectual Property

Are There Really Patent Thickets?

Markets are highly adept at identifying and preempting transactional blockages.

Regulatory Reform

The High Cost of Protecting (Morbid) Jobs

State laws favoring mortuaries save jobs but hurt consumers.

Five Guiding Thoughts for Regulatory Reform in the Next Administration

It’s time to move past vague platitudes.


Energy & Environment

Beyond the Low‐​Hanging Fruit

How should policymakers judge environmental regulations when marginal costs are rising and marginal benefits are falling?

Health & Medicine

The FDA’s Dr. No’s

The agency’s fear of Type II errors inhibits drug development and harms patients

For the Record

Final Word