From the Cover


Free Speech for You and Me, but Not for Professionals

In this information age, the Supreme Court should make clear that censoring professionals is intolerable.


When Law and Economics Was a Dangerous Subject

How the early 20th century controversy over railroad regulation embarrassed the University of Chicago and ruined an economist’s career.


Is More Antitrust the Answer to Wealth Inequality?

Market power often serves progressive aims.



Stunted Harvest

Regulatory reform for biotechnology is a tough row to hoe.


Using Delegation to Promote Deregulation

Instead of trying to restrain agencies’ rulemaking power, why not create an agency with the authority and incentive to deregulate?

Welfare & Entitlements

The Federal Experiment with Evidence‐​Based Funding

Standards for the Home Visiting Program are a good first step toward helping children, but even higher standards are needed.