Protecting the Right to Remain Silent in the Workplace

In Knox v. SEIU, the Supreme Court protected the expressive rights of workers.

Research & Development

Patent Reform in the United States: Lessons Learned

The new America Invents Act resolves some old issues, but it creates some worrisome new ones.

Consumer Protection

Cemeteries and Mortuaries: Better Together or Apart?

State laws banning the combination of cemeteries and funeral homes harm consumers by reducing variety and raising costs.

From the Cover

Public Safety

Pedophiles and the Regulation of Hugging

Concerns about protecting children may deprive them of important physical contact.

Defense & National Security

Screening Tests for Terrorists

Does the latest TSA procedure make us safer?

Health Care

How the Supreme Court Doomed the ACA to Failure

The Roberts “tax” ruling undermines the new health care law.

Final Word