From the Cover


How Labor Regulation Harms Unskilled Workers

As government expands regulation of employers, they will increasingly turn to fewer, higher‐​skilled workers and automation


Antitrust’s Unconventional Politics

The ideological and political motivations for antitrust policy do not neatly fit the standard left/​right dichotomy.

Commerce & Trade

Brain‐​Focused Economics: More Than Just Comparative Advantage

Economists since Adam Smith have underestimated the welfare gains from free trade.

Regulatory Reform

Cleaning Out the Statutory Junk

How can we push lawmakers to discard the legislative trash?


Banking & Finance

Back to the Future of Arbitration

Should businesses be so hostile to class actions?

Intellectual Property

The Same Old Song

Instead of yet another regulation‐​heavy music copyright law, Congress should change its tune and empower markets.

Final Word