From the Cover

Insurance & Liability

Do Coastal Building Codes Make Stronger Houses?

Houses built under FEMA guidelines suffer more damage than pre‐​guidelines houses.

Energy, Environment & Natural Resources

Climate Change Regulation and Prediction Markets

An impartial party — the market — can weigh in on the climate’s future.
Commerce & Trade

Tesla and the Car Dealers’ Lobby

Will an innovative, new carmaker bring about a long‐​overdue change to the automobile industry?


From Minimum Wages to Maximum Politics

Why is there such a difference of opinion on the employment effects of a minimum wage increase?


Public Finance

Why California Dissolved Its RDAs

Abuse finally brought down this vehicle to skirt constitutional limits and fiscal responsibility.

Consumer Protection

Should Penny Auctions Be Regulated under Gaming Law?

Experimental evidence indicates the auctions are gimmicks, not gambles.


A Federal Minimum Wage and the States

How many jobs will the individual states lose if Congress raises the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour?

Telecommunications & Technology

The Questionable call for Common Carriage

Is there a role for common carriage in an Internet‐​based world?

Health & Safety

FDA’s Animal Food Regulation Is for the Birds

Will this costly new rule produce net benefits?

Briefly Noted

Final Word