From the Cover

Commerce & Trade

Putting 97 Million Households through the Wringer

By imposing “safeguard” tariffs, President Trump has delivered corporate welfare at the expense of Americans.

Intellectual Property

The Patent System at a Crossroads

A looming Supreme Court decision could either continue or reverse the erosion of intellectual property rights.

Miles to Go before We Sleep

Oil States is a fight over the use of administrative tribunals, not intellectual property rights.

Health & Medicine

If We Pay Football Players, Why Not Kidney Donors?

The risks are lower and the screening process more rigorous for kidney donors.
Banking & Finance

Handicapping Financial Reform

Will President Trump and new Fed chair Jerome Powell share an ambitious vision of reform?

Regulating Banks by Regulating Capital

Instead of trying to block banks’ ability to make foolish decisions, regulators should require that they have ample capital to pay off their creditors.



Who Should Pay for Infrastructure?

The most daunting impediment in efficient financing is public misperception.

Final Word