Moving Markets into the Light

From the Cover

Scalping Scalpers — or Consumers?

The proposed BOSS Act threatens the consumer‐​friendly evolution of secondary ticket markets.

Are Payday Lending Markets Competitive?

Despite their claims, credit unions seem unable to offer competitive payday loans.

Facebook, the Jobs Act, and Abolishing IPOs

A two‐​tier market system would go a long way toward promoting capital formation and curtailing speculation.

What Happens When Local Phone Service Is Deregulated?

Early returns suggest liberalization benefits consumers just as long distance deregulation did.


Economic Theory

Producing Public Goods Privately

The Appalachian Mountain Club shows that government is not the only means to address market failure.

Telecommunications & Technology

A Clash of Regulatory Paradigms

When should policymakers promote competition, and when should they accept and regulate monopoly?

For the Record

Final Word