From the Cover

Health & Medicine

Restaurants, Regulation, and the Supersizing of America

Empirical evidence challenges the belief that increased restaurant dining is the cause of American obesity.

Would Soda Taxes Really Yield Health Benefits?

Taxes on sugary beverages would do little to lower obesity.

Budget & Taxes

The Hidden Hand of Government Spending

Tax expenditures distort government budgets and the political process.

The AMT’s Silver Lining

The Alternative Minimum Tax can serve as an automatic stabilizer.



The Real Race to the Top

Since the days of the little red schoolhouse, communities have
successfully pushed local officials for better public schools.


Uncapping Ticket Markets

In hockey at least, liberalizing scalping laws has benefited


How Not to Improve Surface Water Quality

The EPA's involvement in Florida's new water pollution standards
is unsound.

Health and Medicine

Type I Errors

A risk-averse FDA is not good for Americans' health.

Final Word