From the Cover

Energy & Natural Resources

Neither Renewable Nor Reliable

Increased dependence on ethanol would place the United States at the mercy of a highly volatile energy source.


Should We Bring Back the Draft?

Is the All-Volunteer Force a "mercenary army"?


Combating Global Warming

Is taxation or cap-and-trade the better strategy for reducing greenhouse emissions?

Corporate Governance

‘Left Behind’ after Sarbanes‐​Oxley

Could Sarbanes-Oxley discourage honest corporate officers and entice dishonest ones?


Telecommunications & Technology

Antecedents to Net Neutrality

After the long fight to end the "common carrier," why are we trying to resurrect it?


Facing Mother Nature

New laws and policies in the wake of Hurricane Katrina seem intended to scapegoat insurance companies rather than protect the public.

Research & Development

Intellectual Property and the Property Rights Movement

Should intellectual property be accorded the same protections as tangible property?

Corporate Governance

The Divergence of U.S. and UK Takeover Regulation

Who writes the rules for hostile takeovers, and why?

For the Record

Mercatus Reports

Final Word