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Fall 2002

Vol. 25 No. 3
From the Cover

Zoning’s Steep Price

By Edward Glaeser and Joseph Gyourko

In the nation’s tightest housing markets, land-use regulation contributes heavily to high housing costs.

Toward Truly Open Skies

By Kenneth J. Button

Liberalizing the U.S.-European air transport market would benefit both sides of the Atlantic.

CAFE Changes, By the Numbers

By Andrew N. Kleit

Stricter fuel standards would increase air pollution and hurt U.S. automakers and consumers, but would save little gasoline.


A New Approach to Private Roads

By Eduardo Engel, Ronald Fischer, and Alexander Galetovic

Using an innovative method for awarding franchise rights, states can entice more effective private investment in highways.

FERC’s New Regulatory Agenda

By Thomas M. Lenard

Federal officials increasingly are turning to command-and-control policies for the nation’s power grid.

A Free‐​Market Scorecard

By Randolph J. May

How should we judge whether states’ telecommunications policies are deregulatory and pro-competitive?

Safety at Any Price?

By Ted Gayer

Following a dramatic expansion of federal health and safety regulation, Americans’ gains are uncertain.

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