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The Supreme Court: Past and Prologue:Panel III: Property, Religious and Secular

The Cato Institute's Center for Constitutional Studies Presents a Symposium through the Generosity of George M. Yeager

Cato's annual Constitution Day symposium marks the day in 1787 that the Constitutional Convention finished drafting the U.S. Constitution. We celebrate that event each year with the release of the new issue of the Cato Supreme Court Review and with a day-long symposium featuring noted scholars discussing the recently concluded Supreme Court term and the important cases coming up. Past speakers have included Judges Alex Kozinski, Diane Sykes, and Douglas Ginsburg, Professors Richard Epstein, Michael McConnell, and Nadine Strossen, and Supreme Court litigators Paul Clement, Neal Katyal, and Walter Dellinger.


Moderator: Walter Olson, Senior Fellow, Cato Institute

Roger Pilon, Vice President for Legal Affairs, Cato Institute
Rick Garnett, Paul J. Schierl/Fort Howard Corporation Professor, University of Notre Dame Law School
Thomas M. Hefferon, Partner, Goodwin Procter LLP