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The Power of Glamour: Persuasion, Longing, and Individual Aspiration

The Power of GlamourGlamour promises to carry us out of quotidian life into a world more beautiful and fulfilling. But what is glamour? A mere daydream distracting us from our true duties and long‐​term well‐​being? An illusion created to stimulate commerce in a capitalist economy? How does glamour relate to envy, to art, to self‐​improvement, to personal charisma? In her new book, Virginia Postrel builds on her path‐​breaking work in The Substance of Style to show that beauty and luxury are far from the only touchstones of glamour: the glamour of military life, of the church, of exploration and discovery, have been driving forces throughout human history, unleashing a dazzling form of persuasion that operates by rousing aspiration and longing in the individual. Please join us for a sparkling discussion of these ideas with three leading public intellectuals.