January 16, 2012 8:42AM

Yes They Did

The other day I saw a bumper sticker with an Obama logo and the words YES WE DID. This was hardly a surprise, as Obama got 67 percent of the vote in my neighborhood and 72 percent in my county, home to lobbyists and bureaucrats. And the embattled Republicans don’t flaunt their dissidence on their bumpers. But I began to wonder just what the driver was proud of.

Yes we did increase the national debt by $4 trillion? Yes we did create a national health insurance program passed in such haste that it’s full of gross errors and requires restrictions on telling the media about it? Yes we did continue the wars a lot longer than we promised? Yes we did launch a third war in the Middle East without congressional authorization? Yes we did exercise presidential power more aggressively than George W. Bush? Yes we did laugh at the very idea of not arresting people for smoking pot? Yes we did ratchet up regulatory costs in a weak economy? Yes we did create the slowest recovery in postwar history?

Soon even my Republican neighbors may be sporting bumper stickers reading YES YOU DID.