July 6, 2011 11:20AM

What’s Up Queenie?

Miss Manners has some useful advice today for any American who might encounter the Queen of England.

DEAR MISS MANNERS: As an American, if I meet the Queen of England, am I required to bow to her?

GENTLE READER: Where were you during history class?

Never mind. Here is what you missed:

We Americans fought a revolution against the British crown. As Miss Manners trusts that you will be relieved to hear, we won. Therefore, we do not prostrate ourselves before someone who is not our sovereign — just as the British bow to no sovereign but their own.

But we do not even bow to our own leaders. Although we believe that all human beings are worthy of respect, we do not believe that any one of them is born at a higher level than the rest of us.

Thomas Jefferson caused a stir when, as president, he greeted the British ambassador in slippers and ordinary clothes. Jefferson had been playing on the floor with his grandkids. The Brit left in a huff because Jefferson had not bothered to put on some fancy outfit. Jefferson told him to chill out.