February 1, 2010 10:32AM

Were You a Cato Intern?

After 33 years in business, and 33 years of Cato interns, we’re finally getting around to creating an intern alumni newsletter — and an intern reunion this May. So if you were ever an intern for Cato, and you’re not sure Director of Student Programs Joey Coon knows where you are, please let him know. And if you’re still in touch with other fellow interns, please tell them about our plans.

If you’d like to be on the alumni newsletter list, and/​or get an invitation to the reunion, please contact Joey at jcoon@​cato.​org and give him your email address and the year/​semester you interned at Cato. Throw in your mailing address if you like.

And by the way, if you valued your internship at Cato and the work that Cato continues to do, and you’re now a productive income‐​earning citizen, and you’re not already a Cato Sponsor, isn’t it time you were? The defense of freedom doesn’t grow on trees, you know. Make your commitment here.