April 1, 2011 5:34PM

This Week in Government Failure

Over at Downsizing the Federal Government, we focused on the following issues this week:

  • Michael Tanner’s new paper is a sobering reminder that it’s the major entitlement programs that are pushing us toward the cliff’s edge.
  • This week the House Republican leadership finally put the Pentagon on the chopping block. However, the cuts suggested by the GOP are pathetic.
  • The federal government engages in a lot of activities that are difficult to defend. But when it comes to sugar, the government’s protections are clearly indefensible.
  • We’re still looking for a convincing argument as to why farmers deserve taxpayer‐ and consumer‐​funded special treatment compared with other businesses.
  • Record spending levels…trillion dollar plus deficits…mountainous debt…a weak economy…what, Congress worry?
  • Uncle Sam sticks it to the Easter Bunny.

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