March 5, 2012 8:06AM

The ‘War on Women’ — a Rhetorical Distraction

Today POLITICO Arena asks:

Now that Rush Limbaugh has apologized, will voters see the Democrats' "war on women" language as overkill?

My response:

We're in the season of rhetorical overkill. Rush Limbaugh's vile attack last week on Sandra Fluke was reprehensible. So too is the Democratic campaign to paint a Republican "war on women" -- not least because it treats women as a monolithic class, ignoring the many women who grasp what's at issue here -- liberty.

ObamaCare is a major step toward socialized health care. You can pretend otherwise -- the "war on women" rhetoric aims at that -- but the coercive elements inherent in any socialized scheme come to the surface when conflicts like the one before us arise.

And it's only the beginning. Soon enough, as costs to "the public" mount (the only costs that matter in socialized arrangements), Republicans will be talking about a "war on the elderly," and they'll be right. After all, "We're all in this together." We have that on high authority. Welcome to the world of all against all.