April 17, 2009 4:05PM

Use Your Career Deferment to Work for Liberty

By Cato Editors

Many law firms are asking their incoming first‐​year associates to defer their start dates (from a few months to a full year) and are offering stipends to these deferred associates to work at public interest organizations.

The Cato Institute invites third‐​year law students and others facing firm deferrals to apply to work at our Center for Constitutional Studies. This is an opportunity to assist projects ranging from Supreme Court amicus briefs to policy papers to the Cato Supreme Court Review.

Interested students and graduates should email a cover letter, resume, transcript, and writing sample, along with any specific details of their deferment (timing, stipend, availability, etc.), to Jonathan Blanks at jblanks@​cato.​org.

Please feel free to pass the above information to your friends and colleagues. For information on Cato’s programs for non‐​graduating students, contact Joey Coon at jcoon@​cato.​org.