July 22, 2010 5:16PM

Uncle Sam Kicks Out Legal Immigrants for Down Profits in Recession

And now another story about the inanities of our immigration non‐​system. Two Britons, Dean and Laura Franks, have run a restaurant in Maine for nearly ten years. Fine, upstanding people who contribute to the economy and whose business is apparently much beloved in their town.

The problem is that the economic downturn decreased the restaurant’s profits, to a level where the “investment” they’re making in the country is too “marginal” to warrant renewal of their E-2 visa (one of the few immigration statuses I have not had). Yes, that’s right, the business is making a profit, employing people, creating wealth, nobody’s a drag on the welfare state or law enforcement, but… not enough. The feds say shut it down.

Unbelievable. At least the Franks can continue their fight to stay in their adopted country from a place more welcoming of productive members of society who happen to be foreigners: Canada.