May 24, 2006 1:22PM

Trimming Government for Dummies

Polls show voters generally believe the federal government is not on the right track. Runaway spending is a chief concern.

A new report shows “extensive fraud” at Fannie Mae.

Options for the GOP Congress:

(a) Forget this news story and look for creative ways to increase popularity with likely voters. Maybe a congressional resolution that will call for Barbaro’s speedy recovery.

(b) Act on today’s report. Issue scores of news releases denouncing fraud.

(c) Schedule a hearing after the summer recess “to get to the bottom of these allegations.”

(d) Trim the government. Now.

Memo to Congress: Choose (d). It would be good politics and good policy.

Memo to the White House: If Congress chooses (d), this would not be the right moment for Mr. Bush to use his veto for the first time. That would be bad politics and bad policy.